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Historical highlights



Elliott Holley, BA Ancient History, MA Journalism

A Classicist, scholar, former journalist and blogger. Interested in history, politics and religion.


From Ancient Greece, Rome and Persia to the Ottoman Empire, the World Wars, and modern geopolitics. 


From Bronze Age Greek myths to Byzantium, from the Himalayas to the Atlas mountains, from Jesus to Muhammad, from religion to Secularism and from the past to the present. I'll explore the issues fairly and neutrally and  express a view. 

Very occasionally, I’ll comment on contemporary UK politics, but I prefer to avoid it as much as possible. The Classical world seems more civilised! 


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Also recommended is The War in the West: Germany Ascendant 1939 - 1941 by James Holland. 

A gripping read, the book details the political, economic and strategic aspects of the early part of the Second World War, as well as the experiences of many of those involved. 

This is narrative history at its best, blended with strong analysis of the underlying realities that shaped policy - and the outcome of the conflict. Recommended.

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Top of my reading list this month is Truth and icon: beauty narrated by Lucia de Carolis.  

The author seeks to answer some of the deepest questions of human experience - how art can transcend the every day, to help us reconnect with our purpose. How universal, timeless symbols help us to connect with the divine.


In a text both thoughtful and insightful, author Lucia de Carolis tackles these questions with enthusiasm, spirit, and erudition. The book is a rewarding read, which readers will want to return to throughout their lives for inspiration and encouragement. Recommended.

Find it on Amazon, here

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